5 Ways That Working With Your Energy Channels Can Improve Your Health

If you’ve been feeling unusually tired, unfocused, or emotionally unstable, it’s not just you. It could very well be that your energy channels are simply out of balance. But there are some simple ways to bring your chi back into alignment with your higher self. Not only this, but balancing energy flow has also been shown to improve health in many ways.

In this article, we’ll tell you about manageable ways to facilitate the flow of your chi energy, as well as the health benefits you can expect to see from doing so. 

Practice Yoga

Born out of ancient Indian exercises but more relevant than ever today, yoga is a combination of movement and controlled breathing that offers a whole host of benefits. When it comes to physical health, yoga improves posture, increases oxygen absorption, and raises overall strength, flexibility, and muscle tone.

On a mental level, yoga reinforces energy channels associated with peace, tranquility, stress relief, and overall contentment. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, anger issues, or some other negative psychological condition, yoga can realign your chi flow to support more positive thinking and fundamentally better ways of being.

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It has been said that you cannot love another person until you love yourself, but before even that can happen, it is necessary to know oneself. And there are few better forms of self-reflection, as well as energy channel balance, than the act and the art of journaling.

Set aside a bit of time every day to engage yourself in this meditation of recording your thoughts, words, and actions. You may begin to notice patterns in your behavior or cognition that are causing blockages in your energy flow, just as you will come to better understand and appreciate the things that make you a truly valuable person.

If you wish to facilitate optimal flow of energy channels and chi between all of your chakras, it is necessary to begin by picking up a pen and seeing the magic that you are capable of producing.

Make a Mandala

If you’ve ever visited a store that offers trinkets and goods from the Far East, you may be familiar with a creation known as a mandala. Although these patterns are aesthetically pleasing and lovely to look at, they’re actually related back to chakras, energy channels, and meditation. 

In Sanskrit, the language of the ancient spiritual gurus in Indian culture, the word “mandala” means “sacred circle,” and very closely related is the word “chakra,” translated as “sacred wheel.” This is no coincidence. Just as the creation of the mandala, an extremely tedious task, is considered a meditative artform that reveals the wisdom of the soul, so too is the chakra, the “sacred wheel” a kind of artistic interpretation of the 7 colors that comprise the energetic makeup of the soul and its physical manifestation. 

In other words, by creating your own mandala, you will be gradually revealing the colors of your soul as they come to the forefront of your mind, flowing out in waves of balanced energy until emanating from the tip of your marker and staining the page before you.

Release What Does Not Serve You

Whether it is a craving for a bad food, a toxic relationship, or a dependency on some other substance, it is easy to become deeply intertwined with things in life that do not serve our higher calling and therefore interrupt the flow of our energy channels. 

For this reason, the wise mystics of both ancient Chinese and Indian cultures stress the importance of accepting the things we cannot change, then promptly releasing them from our consciousness. Holding onto what upsets us will only drain our positive energy, prevent us from enjoying life, and ultimately cause immense problems with mental, physical, sexual, and emotional health. 

If you wish to regain your sense of balance in some or all areas of life, you must be grateful for what you have been given and release the rest; this existence is far too short to grasp aimlessly for things and people who do not serve our passions and internal callings.

Eat for Energy

It’s not an untrue statement or even a cliche to say that “you are what you eat.” Indeed, by adjusting the kinds and amounts of nourishment you put into your body, you can improve your energy balance, optimize flow of vital life force between chakras (or meridians, depending on your philosophy), and overall feel more in tune with your best self.

Strive to eat a colorful plate of food at every meal, whether it’s a bowl of fresh fruit or a seasonal salad with heart-healthy olive oil. If you eat meat, try to get it from an organic and sustainably sourced provider, as this increases your likelihood of obtaining the most beneficial nutrients from the animal’s sacrifice. 

Do not deprive yourself of the foods you enjoy, but do not gorge yourself into misery either. Just as balance in the diet is an ongoing process, so too is the balance in your energy channels.


To learn more about energy channels, optimizing flow of chi, balancing chakras, and practicing yoga, please reach out to Ghost Flower today. Thank you for reading! Namaste.