Workout Clothes for Women: Inspired by the Natural Elements

Ghost Flower is unlike any yoga clothing you’ve worn before. Our products are designed to follow the energy pathway of the five Chinese natural elements: Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, and Earth. Each of these elements stimulates a different energy pathway in the body, all of which are directed by either a yin or yang flow depending on their location and meridian.

Our yoga apparel is designed to appeal to these different energy pathways based on the Chinese natural element (and the style variety!) you choose. Learn about our five different lines of element-inspired apparel to see which one suits your natural flow.


A thin flame of orange fire amidst a black background.

If you are seeking to radiate warmth and joy, wear a product from our Fire Collection. In Chinese energy medicine, fire is the element that crosses through the Yin channel of the heart and the Yang channel of the small intestine. Fire is also responsible for stimulating creativity, attracting love, and boosting social connections.

Ready to play with fire? Shop our hottest collection now. 


A photo of a calm, crystal clear body of water like a lagoon. Photo by Adrien Olichon on Unsplash.Water is a consistent and calm element, so it brings tranquility to stressful or demanding situations and quite literally can help you “go with the flow.” Crossing through the Yang channels of the bladder and the Yin pathway of the kidneys, water removes toxins and negative energy and is seen as one of the most healing and invigorating elements. 
With soothing blues and sultry blacks, the Water Collection from Ghost Flower will boost your motivation without leaving you feeling rushed or overwhelmed. Whether it’s an intense vinyasa flow or a hectic day at work, you’ll get your tasks done with a fluid kind of energy that leaves you feeling refreshed and cleansed.


Hydration is key. Shop our Water Collection now.


A close up of the trunk and bark of a tree. Photo by Mihai Lazăr on Unsplash.
Tree huggers, listen up! Our Wood Collection was inspired by the forest, but it’s designed to keep you rooted, confident, and organized. With a Yin channel that heals the liver and a Yang channel crossing through the gallbladder, you’ll cleanse yourself of focus-blocking energy and disorganized thinking. The confidence that wood stimulates will help you feel in control and self-assured of your decisions, as well as  improve your groundedness and balance in virtually all you do.


Grow where you are planted. Shop our Wood Collection of yoga clothing now.


A wave of various colored brown metals pressed into a curving sheet. Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash.Those with a tough-love, high-discipline mentality have met their perfect match with the element of metal. Yin energy flows through the lungs, stimulating balanced breathing, while Yang energy encompasses the large intestine, helping with digestion and nutrient absorption. Just like stainless steel, metal is pure and sleek, so wearing items from our Metal Collection will help you accomplish your tasks with drive, ambition, and accuracy. Whether it’s perfecting a tricky yoga pose or knocking out a difficult job, metal will fortify you to get the task done with elegance and precision. 

Channel your natural magnetism. Shop our Metal Collection now. 


Find firm footing and channel generosity and prosperity with Earth as your element. Yin energy for the spleen benefits the kidneys, the liver, and other internal organs, while Yang energy through the stomach promotes healthy digestion and alleviates fatigue. Working to channel your earth energy helps you feel more energized, grounded, and open to sharing and receiving the gifts of this amazing world we all love so dearly.

It’s your time to blossom. Shop our Earth Collection now.  


Regardless of what energy channels you need to cultivate and stimulate right now in your life, there’s something for every season and every style at Ghost Flower. Explore our unique and inspirational inventory today, or try a new yoga flow by following along with our motivational exercise video guides.


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