The Summer Solstice is here! The longest day of the year! What will you do with all that sunlight?

In Chinese Medicine, Summer is considered the most yang time of the year, when nature’s Qi is at its peak. You might notice that your hands and feet aren’t cold like usual, or that you’re wanting to spend more time outside, spending time with friends.

And you also know that TCM is all about harmony and balance. So while the sun shines its radiant heat down upon you, your body is keeping you cool with the water element (in this case, sweat). Thank you, Sweat!



Make sure you replenish the water in your body in order to sustain your health all year round. Choose foods that have a high water content like juicy watermelon and cool cucumbers!

Try our Sleep-Well Acupressure Formula to give your kidneys ample opportunity to revitalize each night (10 min).

Press and hold each point, on both sides of body, to comfort level.
Use steady pressure for 60 seconds.
Most effective in a calm, quiet environment with slow, relaxed, breathing. Not meant to be used as a replacement for medical treatment.
For more details on acupressure points see our blog post.

KD-1 Hollow groove on the sole of the foot, just under the large pad, and between the second and third metatarsal bones (supportive bones beneath the toes). Supports the heart, promotes mental calming, grounding, and blood pressure regulation.

SP-6 (caution: pregnancy) Center of the inner ankle, three finger widths above the top of the ankle bone. Nourishes yin organs, soothing, regulates hormones, menstruation, helps with digestive disorders, and weight loss.

CV-17 Indentation in the center of the sternum, about three fingers up from the bottom of the bone. Releases anxiety, calming, circulates lung energy in the chest.

HT-7 On the pinky side of the hand in a small depression just under the base of the wrist, press in and up toward the hand. Releases anxiety, calming, and soothing.

PC-6 Center of the inside of the wrist, three finger widths up from the base. Promotes healthy heart, deep rest, relieves emotional and physical stress, nausea, stomach upset, motion sickness, and calming.

PC-7 Center of the inside of the wrist, hollow groove at the base, just under the hand. Key point for insomnia, support for the heart, calming, and promotes deep sleep.

Yin Tang (also known as the third eye) Located between the eyebrows. Mental calming, relieves stress, and promotes relaxation.

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