Earth Element Workshop

Tuesday, September 10
7:00 PM-10:00 PM



“I have Everything I Need”

Ghost Flower is Chinese Medicine for YOU. Our hope is to make this Ancient Medicine more accessible, applicable and fun! We have explored 4 of the 5 Elements at Anima Mundi, and have now arrived in Earth Element season, time of harvest and taking account of what we have before us. 


We will explore the Earth Element’s characteristics or “resonance” associated with it: harmony, balance, groundedness, and nourishment. When your Earth Element organs-the Stomach and the Spleen- are free of stagnation, your metabolism and hormones are balanced. There will be some light movement, discussion, and learning key acupressure points, and a Tonic by Anima Mundi Apothecary!

Contribution: $35


Bonnie Crotzer // Bon's whole life has been devoted to all kinds of movement and led to a professional dancing career in California and now New York. She studied under Bob Cooley, who taught her how to manipulate fascia along the meridian lines through resistance and movement. She received her yoga teacher training over ten years ago at White Lotus Foundation. She is nerdy when it comes to fascia and TCM and is pretty damn into helping people feel good.