Welcome to the Ghost Flower Practice and a new way to stretch.

2021 Regularly scheduled classes

MON + THURS 12:15 EST / 9:15 PST


Different than traditional stretching, Fascia Flossing is active, a workout and open to all levels. Learn how to internally exfoliate your connective tissue layer by layer to move stagnation and lymph, unwind your most restricted areas, and support your immune function.

You will learn to stretch with healthy resistance to change your body from the inside out (organ support included!)

We will make use of the Eastern Meridian roadmap to understand how our organs relate to muscular fascial lines: it’s a fun lense for more self discovery! 

Recording available for folks who cannot make the scheduled times.

Next challenge begins end of FEB, TBD.

See what Vanity Fair has to say about Fascia Flossing  


“I came to Bonnie’s challenge with acute low back, hip and sacral pain. I’d been a dancer, soccer player and yogi for many years, but would continuously injure myself despite a consistent work out and  “stretching” routine. It wasn’t until Bonnie’s class that I started to understand the difference between hyper flexibility and actual mobility. This challenge has reduced by pain considerably and opened up my eyes (and hamstrings!) to a whole new world of somatic experience. I cannot wait to integrate fascia flossing into my routine. Thank you Bon!” -Leila


"The 10-Day Fascia Challenge was incredible! It knocked my socks off (literally, because who needs socks when stretching?!) and I felt amazing throughout and afterwards. I actually think I might have grown a half an inch taller. I felt energized throughout and learned a lot about fascia, the different organs, and acupuncture points that I can continue to use to improve my health. Plus, Bon is a fantastic teacher! And I definitely have Ghost Flower apparel on my wish list! Highly recommend this challenge to anyone who wants to improve their health and understanding of their body and how simple movements can make a huge impact to how you feel." - Mary


"Bon is a wonder and an inspiration. Her knowledge of the body and fascia is extensive and deep, and she lovingly connects to every student--supporting them and holding them accountable. However, it's her spirit that is the greatest gift. The effervescence, vibrancy, and fun she puts forward is transformative and uplifting. On the days I don't feel like practicing, getting to be in Bonnie's sparkling presence motivates me to come to my mat. My work is in adult education. I do a lot of reflecting and teaching about what makes a great teacher--Bonnie is a shining star!" -Erin


"Hi Bonnie,

I wanted to tell you how much the fascia flossing has helped me.Today, I could move my right shoulder in a way I had not in...  years - it had been so stiff!  And I am still discovering muscles and movement in parts of my body...Just wanted to share with you...  I may not look it in class, but I am quite loving it."

Thank you + x,



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