Five Element Workshop + Restorative Acupuncture: Wood element & Spring prep
MARCH 23, 6:00-8:00pm
Sky Ting Tribeca
Five Element Workshop + Restorative Acupuncture: Wood element & Spring prep
The Five Element Workshops help you tap into the Road Map of your body that Chinese Medicine has laid out for us. Get your organs tuned up in accordance to the seasons and the correlated Element. Learn how to activate the specific meridian energy pathways that relate to each Element, and refine the tissue where the Qi flows. Apply these concepts to your own practice, and find acupressure points to tone the frequency of your energy flow. Post Flow, enjoy the magic of being in a restorative savasana while receiving acupuncture from Dr. Abby Paloma, DACM.


Wood Element: Gallbladder x Liver
It is time to renew after the dark of Winter! Bonnie Crotzer will lead you in a Wood element Flow class, exploring your courage and flexibility in face of rigidity. Activating the Wood Energy Channels in your body will help you improve the health and flexibility across the sacral area, IT band and sides of your hips, and supports your gallbladder and liver. Wood Energy encourages you to move beyond a place of stiffness of Winter and emerge feeling refreshed, malleable and strong. Acupuncture points will bring harmony to the Liver and Gallbladder systems.

**Please reserve you spot in advance as space is limited. Wear loose comfortable clothes with knees and elbows easily accessible.

 Workshop reservations must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance for a store credit only (applicable to future workshops, classes, or merchandise).


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