#GFSPRINGREFRESH 7-Day Meal Guide and more

Welcome to our annual Ghost Flower Spring Refresh!

We are so excited to share our 7-day meal guide with you.

This is our version of a gentle cleanse that we built with nutritionists and acupuncturists to help you energize, support the liver and prep your body for spring!

In this post you will find the 7 day meal guide. For more info on acupressure to support your cleanse, recipes and more check out this highlight real, and to join our 2021 #GFSPRINGREFRESH live, April 12-18, click here. If you are joining us live, you will receive more details daily during the cleanse over email. 


Why Refresh:

In gardens, as well as in many religious and healing traditions, Spring brings renewal, renaissance, and refreshing rejuvenation. Many aspects of cleansing suggest a quiet, semi-private endeavor, a moment when we come up against challenge, in a way that invites self-reflection. 


It’s all about Wood: 

According to Balance Acupuncture: “In Chinese Medicine theory, the Wood element belongs to the Spring season and its related meridian system pair is the Liver and Gallbladder. Together, these organs are responsible for the smooth flow of qi and blood in the body and regulates emotions. They are our “first responder” channels to the stresses in our lives. The Wood element teaches us about flexibility and adaptability.``

Spring makes for a great time to support our Liver and Gallbladder - or your Wood element. 


Clear the Path:

This is not about deprivation, but about renewing post winter hibernation! As the trees are beginning to green, and sprouts thrust vigorously toward the light, we can re-root our intentions for how we want to feel this spring. Our food and movement choices, our exploration of the WOOD Element meridians and super-helpful acupressure points, can reveal insights for Spring and beyond.

*Please make sure to modify the menu based on your needs.



Guide to 7- Days of Mindful Eating

All recipes can be found on our blog, the Path 


Everyday Upon Waking

Sip your coffee or green/spring dragon tea/ or whatever your morning ritual drink might be (need an idea? Try: warm lemon water + chlorella + liver/GB supportive herbs).


Day 1

Breakfast: electrolyte lemonade to clean lymph and flush gallbladder and liver: 1-2 whole lemons including pith, no seeds or rind, one pear or apple, two teaspoons of flaxseed oil, pinch of Himalayan sea salt, and honey, maple syrup or stevia. 16 ounces of water (cool or warm, but not too hot - warm smoothies are soothing).

Lunch: sautéed bitter greens and your choice of protein. 

Or make a salad: mesclun greens, grapefruit, lightly toasted walnuts, ½ avocado, and honey lemon vinaigrette

Dins: Split Green Pea soup or Spring Green soup* (recipe below) with olive oil and cilantro garnish (brown rice or quinoa as needed)

Dessert: Coconut yogurt with berries
Nettle tea before bed


Day 2

Breakfast: Green juice of your choice, heavy on the celery, with a small amount of healthy fat (like a couple walnuts). 

Wait 20 minutes or so and have a coconut yogurt and fruit, or seed and nut filled GF avocado toast and/or eggs 

Lunch: Quinoa, chickpea, cucumber salad, toasted macadamia nuts and basil with balsamic dressing

Dins: Cumin and turmeric-roasted sweet potatoes with coconut oil, sautéed kale and microgreens for garnish (add protein as needed)


Tom Ka Soup

Dessert: Dates with fresh walnut butter
Nettle tea before bed


Day 3  

Breakfast: a California Brekky! Half an avocado with raw honey and sea salt, an orange or green apple, toasted (and spiced if you want) walnuts- ¼ cup

Lunch: Sautéed greens over lentils 


Mesclun greens, grapefruit, lightly toasted walnuts, ½ avocado, and honey lemon vinaigrette

Dins: Dal or Spring Green Soup left overs  

Dessert: Warm turmeric latte with cinnamon and almond milk 
Nettle tea before bed

Try a warm compress on your GB and LV (right side of the abdomen).


Day 4

Breakfast: Gluten-free toast with avocado 


a cup of blueberries and raspberries + ¼ cup of coconut meat (defrost if you have frozen) or coconut yogurt.

Lunch: 20 ounce green juice heavy on the celery (dandelion if you can take it:) and some green apple

how are you feeling? 

need a bit more? make a lunch choice for yourself that feels good body-mind-spirit. 

Dins: Green split pea or carrot ginger miso soup (recipe below)

Optional steamed beets tossed with olive oil and apple cider vinegar (and/or left over roasted sweet potatoes)

Dessert (if desired): Spoonful of Manuka honey, shot of olive oil and citrus juice


Day 5  

Breakfast: Blend of green apple (rind and everything!) tablespoon of coconut oil, turmeric, ginger, 12 ounces less than boiling water, squeeze of half a lemon, honey to taste

Lunch: Green Juice and  ¼ -½ of an avocado, salad of your choice!

Dins: Carrot Ginger Miso Soup, Tom Ka or bone broth (add protein and or grain as need)

Post-dinner: Shot of olive oil, fresh citrus juice shot and taste of honey, your favorite tea. 


Day 6 (cleanse day)  

Brekkie: Blend of green apple (rind and everything!) turmeric, ginger, 12 ounces less than boiling water, pith of a lemon, honey to taste.

Mid morning Snack: Green Juice 
Lunch: Veggie Miso broth / bone broth
Afternoon Snack: Juice of your choice, green or citrus apple combo


*If having only liquids today is not appropriate for you, please eat as needed!


Day 7

Brekkie: Have some juice to start, ease into solid whole fruit later in the morning.

Lunch: Butter leaf salad, lemon basil dressing, avocado (heaven!)

Dins: Spring Green soup or roasted sweet potatoes and sautéed greens, with wild-caught salmon or protein of your choice. 
A small amount of quinoa or a soft scrambled egg could be good, listen to your bod- some folks have to come off only having liquids slowly, others are ready to dig in.



More resources: 

Shopping list to get you started! 

Want to know what herbs and ways to support your liver? Blog by Jen Ward of Dao Labs, here.



All information and resources found in the GF Spring Refresh are based on the opinions of the author unless otherwise noted. All information is intended to motivate participants to make their own nutrition and health decisions after consulting with their health care provider. 

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