Ghost Flower on VANITY FAIR  + Mindful Stretching

Editor, Laura Regensdorf of Vanity Fair, shares her take on Fascia Flossing in the January issue of Pretty, Please. Take a peak at this article, Laura's writing is as whimsical as Bon's "narration" in her Fascia Flossing class.

An ode to yoga, yet a completely new way to stretch, Flossing is active and a workout, geared for all levels. 

Laura explains that this active stretching "is the opposite of passing out limp on a padded table, or stretching noodle-like over a foam roller." Instead, this is a deep fascia-level, resistance based work to internally exfoliate ("floss") the connective tissue layer by layer. Each engaged movement or pulse as Bon calls it, brings the practitioner one step closer to opening the door to elastic, hydrated, and pliable tissue. Talk about a smoothing, immune and energy boosting effect. Class members know when they are feeling the changes in their tissue...Bon pleasantly describes it as "burny" and uses the Ghost Flower activewear to illustrate where to focus the stretch.

Anatomical narration included, join us for our next class, schedule and sign up HERE. 


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