Ghost Flower's Guide to a Healthy Summer

8 Easy Tips for a Healthy Summer

Easy at home steps you can take in 5 mins or less to keep your body and skin happy this summer, whether it’s a scorcher or a steam sauna out there. 

Summer is fast approaching and in some parts of the country you are already reaching for the AC button. This means that depending on where you are, you are up against the humidity or the dry scorching heat. What can we do to keep our skin glowing (dewey but not too dewey), and our bodies comfortable in the summer months ahead? Here are our top tips for staying cool and comfy all summer long. 

  1. Get sweaty in the summer? Of course you do. This is our body’s natural time to detox, without even trying we will process toxins through our skin with that constant shimmer of sweat. Hey it’s not a bad thing (we know some of you out there don’t like to sweat, seriously tho, turns out that it's super good for us and for healthy skin), but we understand if an extra shower is in order. Pro tip: stay away from toxic antiperspirants that can clog our lymph system! Try Type:A aluminum free deodorant.
  2. A super fluid lymph system is key in the summer months. Keep those fluids flowing with a lymph massage, give yourself some Gua Sha, dry brush or use a lymphatic draining paddle after your shower. Use our Wood Onesie’s seaming to guide your paddle along to work your lymph and then press the point on your inner ankle for extra liver boosting.
  3. Cool it off with Waterfall pose: If you live in a place with lots of humidity, swelling in the legs and feet can make you feel like you’re draggin a bit. Lay on your back with your  legs up a wall to drain your lower limbs and get some fresh circulation going. 
  4. Cold plunge: Have access to a body of water that’s below air temp?? When we jump in a cool pool or take a cold shower, our cells naturally retract and release inflammation. This is sure to refresh your body and your skin. 
  5. If you are in a dry place or you run the AC on max (ps we personally pass on maxing out the AC because of the above reason that this time of year is supposed to be a time that the body naturally detoxes...if you can take a little heat, it could work in your favor), you might find that your skin is paying for that lack of humidity! Who else goes through 4 bottles of hydrating toner in one summer? That’s a start...
  6. Make sure you have a sunscreen with a zinc base, those chemical based sunscreens are said to mess with our endocrine system. Protecting your skin and not overdoing the sun bathing is your-lowest-hanging-fruit tactic to happy-dewey skin.
  7. You can help your body and skin to stay hydrated by putting a pinch of pink salt or minerals in your 8 oz. glass of water. Often the water we drink these days is stripped of minerals and we need those in order to absorb the water that we are taking in. 
  8. Pop some peppermint essential oil in your diffuser, it's naturally cooling and the even the smell can invite a sense of respite from the heat. 

Photo courtesy of Linné Botanicals