Liver Boost Acupressure Recipe: Give your liver the support it needs

Liver Boost

Give your liver the support it needs. Your liver works hard around the clock to clean toxins from your blood, process your vitamins, and make bile for your gallbladder to digest fats. It needs your support and you can give it the extra boost it needs by pressing these acupressure points. This recipe takes approx 7 min.

Acupressure may be contraindicated if you suffer from serious health issues, high blood pressure, or if you are pregnant. Consult your physician before practice.

The first point is the most well known acupressure point of all time:

LI-4 “Adjoining Valley” located on the hand, in the web of the thumb and nestled on the bone of the index finger. Pinch this point or push in toward the bone:

This is a Key master point that is capable of moving a lot of energy in your body so it is no mystery why it can help with the process of flushing out the toxins that are pulled out by the liver. This point can help with the process of getting the toxins to the large intestine for removal. If the toxins don’t leave the body the liver will reabsorb them. And because of its energetic and balancing effect to all body systems, you can use this point to clear the effects of stress and all of you health issues. Press and hold for 90 seconds.

 PC-6 “Inner Pass" Press into the center of the inside of the wrist, 3 finger widths up from the base. 

PC-6 is an excellent point to help the liver restore the body’s smooth flow of energy due to its connection to the liver channel. You could see the pericardium channel as the arm of the liver channel, which would be the leg. This point is also key for nausea, motion sickness, and can calm emotional disturbances.

Now that we are warmed up, here is the best point for the job. If you only have time for one liver boost point do LV-3 known as “Great Rushing.” Find this point In the web, at the top of the groove, between the first and second toes:

Pinch this point with your thumb and index finger, or stimulate sitting in a chair, with the heel of your opposite foot. You can do this throughout the day while you are sitting at your desk.

This point will boost the liver by giving it more energy. It is connected with the lymph, your body’s fluid filtration system which works with the liver to clear out body toxins. It also benefits the immune system, clears stress, headaches, frustration and anger. Stimulate for 60 seconds.

The next point, LV-5 “Woodworm Canal” Press in just under the tibia, or shinbone, about a handwidth or 5 body inches above the inner ankle bone:


This point, (aka. “Liver 5-Alive!”) because it can help clear depression and make you feel more lively. It connects the liver and gallbladder channels and has a special benefit of nourishing your blood. It helps to spread liver qi even in the the throat and groin. It is often used for uterine problems and to regulate menstruation. You can press this for 30-60 seconds.

Finally, SP-6 “Triple Yin Crossing” It is located 3 finger widths above the top of the ankle bone:

SP-6 is a three-for-one because it benefits three channels for one point. You can use this point to boost energy in the liver, as well as the kidney and spleen organs.  Press and hold for 60 seconds.

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