Lifestyle Benefits of Yoga For Women

Yoga traces its origins back to ancient times, but it’s more popular and widespread today than ever before, especially among women. There’s obviously significant health benefits from the old Eastern tradition, but yoga has been shown to improve many women’s lives in ways they hadn’t initially imagined. In this Ghost Flower article, we’ll take a look at just a few of the ways that establishing a regular yoga practice can benefit your active lifestyle as a woman. 

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Yoga Reduces Stress

From Child’s Pose to Downward Dog, the dynamic flow of yoga can greatly improve stress levels. Unlike other forms of exercise, yoga emphasizes not only physical exertion, but intentional breathing and meditation as well. As you tense and untense your muscles in tandem with the flow of your breath, your body actually becomes more mindful of its movements while relieving built up energy at the same time. 

Yoga Can Improve Sleep 

A study by Harvard University found that just 8 weeks of yoga could significantly improve sleep levels in older adults who had reported insomnia or trouble staying asleep. If you want to improve your day-to-day energy levels, even a basic yoga practice can help you achieve this enhanced quality of sleep. An added benefit: Who wouldn’t want to sleep in uber-comfy yoga clothes? 

Yoga Promotes Women’s Body Positivity

When you begin to practice yoga, you may find yourself struggling more with self-acceptance than you do with the physical movements themselves, but there’s no place for body shaming in this activity! Indeed, there’s no single body type that is more suited for yoga than another; yoga is designed to be accessible by all people and all women, regardless of their pre-existing fitness level or weight. Yoga can also help you work on your inner dialogue, as many mantras can serve as a reminder to practice unconditional self-love. 

Yoga Encourages Better Eating Habits

A study by the University of Washington found that mindfulness — the effort to take conscious note of your surroundings — is not only a critical part of connecting to your yoga practice, but it can also help you to eat more healthfully. The more you practice yoga, the more you practice mindfulness, and eventually this heightened awareness just becomes passive second nature. So when you sit down to eat, you’ll be in tune with your body’s physical and spiritual needs, making you less likely to overeat — and more likely to enjoy the full experience of a balanced, moderate meal. 

Yoga Can Diversify Your Wardrobe

Not only are yoga clothes for women a practical choice in the studio, but they’re also insanely cute everywhere else! Yoga clothes, from leggings to tops, can be worn on an everyday basis thanks to the diverse and adaptable nature of athleisure apparel. Whether you’ve just finished up with a sweat session or you’re on your way to run errands, you can look good pretty much anywhere and anytime when you’re rocking some yoga gear. 

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Ready To Practice Yoga?

Once you’ve learned the benefits of yoga, it’s time to learn the basics! You can find a variety of instructional yoga flow videos from Ghost Flower that make it easy to follow and understand — all you need is enough space to unroll your mat. 

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