Liver Detox Smoothie

Detoxify your liver and get your Wood energy flowing with this yummy and healthy smoothie recipe.

Serves: 4-6


4 inches           Fresh Turmeric
2 Cups             Raw Shredded Beets
4 Cups             Packed Raw Spinach Leaves
2 Each             Fuji Apples, Quartered and Seeds Removed
4 Cups             Frozen Cherries
¼ Cup             Chia Seeds
4 Cups             Coconut Water


Place all ingredients in a blender or Vitamix and blend on high until smooth.


All of the ingredients help to release or remove toxins from the body in their own way.

Turmeric – a powerful antioxidant that helps move toxins out of the body while increasing the production of antioxidant enzymes. It is also a major anti-inflammatory agent.

Beets – high in antioxidants containing pectin, also a fiber that helps the liver flush out, rather than reabsorb, toxins. Beets help cleanse the liver because of betalains.

Apples – contains pectin

Lemon – an alkalizer

Spinach – contains a significant amount of glutathione which helps detox the liver, when eaten raw.

Chia Seeds – contain a lot of fiber, for helping your body remove toxins.

Red Cherries – high in antioxidants and fiber, helping the body to eliminate free radicals though digestion.



With a Jewish mother and an Italian father, Melissa Petitto was raised around an eclectic collection of food in the unlikely city of Birmingham, Al. With two seemingly diverse cultures that center life around the kitchen, Petitto gained an early appreciation for food and its impact on a person’s life.

Attending Johnson & Wales University, and graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Culinary Nutrition while receiving the top honor of Apprenti Cuisinier, Melissa Petitto was afforded the opportunities of working for The Governor’s House Inn as the bed and breakfast chef and at Cooking Light magazine in the test kitchen. To further enhance her skills and opportunities, she attended Emory University Hospitals for a dietetic internship. Upon passing her registered dietician’s exam, Petitto made the move to New York City to pursue her career goal of becoming a personal chef.

After twelve years in the city, Petitto now calls Santa Barbara, CA home. She has become the personal chef she had envisioned herself to be, with A-list clientele. In recent years, she has traveled to places such as South Carolina to work at the Hilton Head Health Institute, a premier weight loss spa, where she lectures, presents food demonstrations, and consults with individual clients in attendance. 

Cookbook writing is another passion of Melissa’s with three titles under her belt: An Apple A Day, 30 Minute Paleo Meals, and Red Hot Sriracha.  A fourth, a collaboration with Hilaria Baldwin, The Living Clearly Method, came out at the end of 2016. 

Despite her obsession for all things culinary, Ms. Petitto makes time to enjoy other hobbies and passions including practicing Pilates and yoga.  This is while still exuding the passion she feels for nutritious food and its role in the family’s life.