How to make your sauteed leafy greens taste delicious! 


Try a steam - sautés to cook down those greens so that they are nice and tender. In order for the body to digest tough greens like kale, broccoli etc, the sell wall must be broken down.

Try this technique to help your body absorb all those good ingredients. 


Warm pan to a low-medium heat. 

Warm up 1tablespoon of oil or grassfed butter

Sautes a quarter onion and/or garlic 

Add greens of choice and toss with sea salt

Add 3 tablesppons or so of broth or water, and then lid the pan

Let cook for 3-5 mins and then check that your greens are tender, toss midway. through

Add a splash of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to break up the bitterness further

Turn off pan


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