We asked the experts: "What is Qi to you?"


Ever wonder what Qi is?

It can be tricky to describe because it operates in many facets and dimensions; it is said that if we could describe it fully then it would not be Qi. Some might consider it the "thing" that animates us: our life force.

We asked the experts to tell us what Qi is to them...


Dre Ngozi / Andrea Roberts, who is an Acupuncturist + Shiatsu Therapist in Canada, describes Qi as vital energy: 

"To me, Qi is the vital energy that permeates through all living things. It is what gives us movement, air and life. It is the basis of our existence."



 Dr. Dan Keown, based in London practices Western and Chinese medicine says:

Qi: (pronounced chi) the organizational energy that flows through the Universe and is concentrated in our bodies. Similar in meaning to ‘spirit’.

Qi is the organizing spirit and behaves like an electrical current. Like all energy it seeks channels to travel through and in the body and these become the acupuncture channels”. 

 We have also heard Dr. K describe Qi like so:

"Qi is the energetic blueprint of matter made manifest." Sounds neat and a tongue twister at that! 




Liz Carlson illustrates Qi as function:

"Traditional Chinese Medicine views the human experience as an interplay of yin and yang.  This isn't as esoteric as it sounds –– sleep + wake, hunger + satiation,  day + night –– it's simply the recognition of opposites and how they interact.

In terms of our biology, the concept of yin + yang is a metaphor for the relationship between form and function. Form being the material (cells and what they become) and function being the movement (communication amongst cells and what that expresses).

So, what is Qi? Qi is function!"

-Liz Carlson LAc, Common Point Acupuncture NYC

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Kiran Aulakh suggests that we can experiece Qi all around us and inside us: 

"To me, Qi is information. It’s the manual of operations for our bodies, the world, and the entire universe. Some of its rules are intuitive, while others you just have to accept in order to keep your Qi balanced and in harmony.  For example, in some parts of your body, Qi is meant to ascend, just like the Qi of a growing sapling. Other places, it ought to sink, like water seeping into the ground. As an acupuncturist, I’m a student of Qi and whether or not I understand its mysteries, I follow its rules in the treatment room where it speaks more to my intuition than it does to my logic. You can start to listen to Qi in your own ways, through movement practices, getting outside, or exploring relationships, and you can always count on  acupuncture to keep you flowing."

-Kiran K. Aulakh LAc DACm Blue North Acupuncture, Santa Barbara



Qi might still seem like a mystery, but maybe that's the point. Others simply say Qi can be measured as an electrical DC current running through our bodies. Qi is still being studied. 

Is there a way to know something is real through feeling? When our analytical brain can’t make sense of something, we could consider allowing the imagination to take over. 

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That’s the power of Qi.