Designed by Nature

Ghost Flower utilizes premium fabrics and construction to highlight your body's most natural features


Ghost Flower apparel is made with premium Italian compression fabric, providing maximum comfort and support.

This silky-soft, high-flex fabric is soft on skin, but stands up to even the most vigorous workouts. Moisture-wicking fabric and power mesh inserts keep you dry and cool.


The flatlock seams on our designs have been carefully placed to follow your body’s energy channels.

These seams naturally highlight your body’s most beautiful, strong lines no matter how you move.

Use the seams as a visual guide to help you move along energy channels, to release bound fascia and get your energy flowing.

Inspired by the Elements

Our designs evoke the seasons and energies of the Chinese elements.

Each element collection features head-turning colors and prints based on the element that inspired it.

Exude confidence in Wood, or calm determination in Water. Choose an element and make it yours!


Many of our styles feature the Ghost Flower logo discreetely placed on key acupressure points.

Press on these points to release blocked energy and get your Qi flowing.