Explore the science behind the clothes

Western science is only now beginning to understand what Eastern medicine has known for centuries: That your body is a powerhouse.

Read below to explore the science woven into our clothes.

Meet our Chief Scientist

Dr. Daniel Keown, Ghost Flower's chief scientist, has been a pioneer in connecting Western physiology with Eastern medicine.

Learn more about what it's like to be the chief scientist at an innovative activewear brand.

What is Qi?

Qi is more than a spiritual concept. Qi is real, intelligent energy that helped you become you... and acts as your body's natural anti-aging system.

In this article, Dr. Keown discusses the mystery and reality of this amazing energy.

Understanding Fascia

Western science is only now starting to understand the critical role that fascia plays in our overall health.

Fascia weaves throughout our entire body -- and defines our body's energy network.

Learn more in this article by Bonnie Crotzer, from Ghost Flower's Health and Performance team.