Ghost Flower

Ghost Flower is a California-based brand founded to help women take charge of their own health and vitality -- and look amazing doing it!

We’ve created beautiful, high-performance activewear -- and a cutting edge movement practice -- built around the body's natural energy channels.  Together, this system works to unblock your body's energy network, so your Qi (intelligent energy) can flow freely.

Our Story

The incredible story behind Ghost Flower.

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It Started With Leggings and A Magic Marker...

Our founder, Susie Peebler, began her yoga practice over a decade ago, to recover from a serious back injury.

As she explored self-healing alternatives, Susie integrated stretches along the Chinese meridians (energy channels).

Susie wanted a better way to visualize those channels. So she traced them on her leggings with a magic marker.

Susie found this to be a powerful way to visualize her body's energy network. She set out to create an activewear brand that would help other women discover the power of Chinese medicine.

Designed by Nature

Susie and her design team collaborated with Eastern medicine experts to create an activewear collection built around the body's energy channels.

By integrating channels and acupressure points into the designs, the team gave women tools to understand and unlock their body's energy network.

And, because the channels follow our natural muscle groups, the activewear they created was both uniquely flattering and incredibly comfortable.

The result is activewear that is both functional and beautiful.

A Passion for Movement

Susie also enlisted a team of yoga, pilates, acupressure and movement experts.

Together they created an integrated practice -- designed to be used with Ghost Flower apparel -- that focuses on activating the body's energy network.

Move With Us!

We're excited to introduce you to our innovative collection -- and to help you learn how channeling your energy can improve your physical and emotional health.

We hope you'll join us on this amazing journey!